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At Cliff's High Performance, we offer various performance upgrades for your Q-Jet. We have the experience, knowledge and the right parts to get the most out of your carb, regardless of the application.

Quadrajet carburetors were used by General Motors on millions of vehicles. Quadrajets are extremely flexible in their design and were able to be calibrated very specifically for each of those applications. Since the vast majority of these carbs were delivered on low performance vehicles, swapping out a Q-Jet that was designed for a 6 cyl truck onto your 450 HP stroker is not going to work.

Carb rebuilding alone often will not deliver the desired level of performance. That's the Cliff's High Performance difference. We build the carb specifically for your engines needs. We perform Quadrajet tuning that's tailored for your car. Quadrajets are very efficient carbs. With the correct Quadrajet specific tuning they have a huge performance potential. With proper tuning, Quadrajets provide users with the best of both worlds, mileage and performance.

In recent years, enthusiasts have come back to their cars factory carbs, the Q-Jet in particular for their high performance vehicle. With the rising cost of fuel and the high price of aftermarket carbs, it only makes sense to use an efficient, affordable carb. A well prepared Quadrajet that has been through Cliff's High Performanace rebuild and tuning process is the perfect choice for your Pontiac, Chevy, Buick, Olds, Ford or Mopar. Even for marine carb uses Quadrajets are an excellent choice!

For all carburetor rebuild services, please fill out the Form HERE and we'll call you back and quote shipping and services costs.

You can also call us at 740-397-2921. Tell us what you're sending us and what you need done. You can Pay via PayPal with a Credit Card. This will expedite your project. To see our Quadrajet Rebuild kits check out our Parts Page
CARB REBUILDING & TUNING - Quoted on a per project basis
Turnaround time for rebuilds is currently 12 months. If you 'd like to be on the rebuild call list please email us using the Quote Request form. You can buy our excellent parts and kits and do it yourself too! Due to the custom nature of our Quadrajet rebuilds, prices quoted based on YOUR project - Request Quote
HELICOIL THREAD REPAIR - $45.00 plus shipping
We're able to install heli-coils into the 1971 and earlier carburetors that used the 7/8"-20 threads as well as 1972 and later carbs with 1" thread inlets.
BASEPLATE REBUILDING - $45.00 plus shipping
We will rebuild just your baseplate. This service includes cleaning, rebushing the throttle shafts with bronze bushings, straightening bent shafts, indexing the plates and setting them for correct full opening.
RECOLORING - Starting at $75.00 and up plus shipping
Actual cost depends on removing of parts, extremely rusty/dirty carbs and sand blasting of parts. We'll quote you once we receive your carb. We will replate 1 Q-jet main casting and airhorn pair with the correct zinc/chromate plating for a show quality original appearing protective finish. These parts MUST be stripped of all other metal parts, but do not need to be cleaned up, we'll do that. Added fees for removing parts.
We offer Screw kits and Bushing kits. We have complete High Performance Carb Rebuild kits. We provide full carburetor rebuilding services. We can rebuild your stock Quadrajet to factory specs, finish it for show judging or build you a custom high performance unit. Send us your specs or questions and let us help you meet your performance goals.
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