Get the Book on Pontiac Qjets
Need more performance from your musclecar?
are you thinking of buying
a New Carburetor?

Instead, let Cliff rebuild your carburetor or buy our custom Rebuild Kits and your Quadrajet will work with your combo, not against it. Our Quadrajet Rebuild Kit will have your Quadrajet running with power, smoothly! Try that with Brand X. It's in the details. Hundreds of our satisfied Qjet customers on the street and at the strip will agree.
75 Formula
68 GTO

We rebuild a Quadrajet that will run like it’s fuel injected. We look at your entire drivetrain as a system. We completely rework your carb, or package a Quadrajet rebuild kit to suit your specific build, your car and the way you drive it. Each of our carburetors are carefully tested on an engine before we ship it. That's the Cliff’s High Performance difference.
TRY IT! Do what thousands of others have done and Buy The Book and rebuild your Quadrajet Carb yourself. You can do it with our help. We have all the parts and rebuild kits you'll need.
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